Still Life

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A still life is when you arrange inanimate objects in a specific composition.I got these shots, while experimenting with still lives. They are the insides of a broken printer, along with some plants from outside. I played with the perspective quite a bit, going low to the floor and angling myself from the side.


Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

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A moment of peace and tranquility, a knob to aid you in your task, a bowl of decorative crystals near your kitchen sink. All of these things are often overlooked, when they should be cherrished and celebrated. My first thought when I hear the word “extraordinary” is something beyond imagineable or out of the ordinary. However, while exploring, I began to realize the most extraordinary things are the little things you never notice and one day, when you do, you have deep appreciation for. Here are three photos taken of extraordinary things.

Master Recreation

This week I had a new assignment for school. The assignment was to choose a photographer and recreate one of their pieces. I had to pay attention to the composition and mood of the photo in order to recreate it. The photographer I chose was Lee Friedlander. He was born on July 14, 1934 in Aberdeen, Washington and his most prominent years as a photographer were 1960-1985. He went to school at the Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, California. He mainly did street photography. I was attracted to the use of value and texture in his artwork. It was fun trying to recreated this image, since he did a lot of car photography.

Principle of Design: Balance

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The principle of design for this week was balance. Balance is the concept of visual equality. There are three, general, types of balance. The three types of balance are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Symmetrical balance means there is equal weight on either side of the composition. Asymmetrical balance is when there is not equal weight on either side of the composition, however the image is still balanced. Radial balance is when the balance is radiating from the center of the composition. My assignment was to take a total of ten images utilizing the principle, balance. There were to be three images of symmetrical balance, three images of asymmetrical balance, three images of radial balance, and one image of your choice. Here are my images utilizing the principle, balance.

Principles of Design: Pattern and Repetition

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I am currently working with the principles of design. Every week, for now, I will be focussing on a new principle. Some weeks, like this one, there may be more than one principle, however they go hand in hand. This week was focused on the principles, pattern and repetition. Here are ten images that were taken for pattern and repetition.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art


This is my version of cover art for one of my favorite books  Anywhere but Paradise” . I chose this photo because even though there is a light shining down on a beautiful purple flower, the rest of the picture is dim. Concealing the dead flowers in the background. It gives you the illusion that everything is okay when it really isn’t. That is kind of what is going on in this book.